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How to Clean a Contigo Water Bottle

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Regarding on-the-move hydration. Contigo water bottles are difficult to overcome. However even the fine water bottles want a terrific cleansing occasionally. Right here’s a step-via-step manual to cleaning your Contigo water bottle so it’s far going to be organized in your next journey.

Start via disassembling your water bottle. Dispose of the lid and straw and set them apart. Fill the bottle with warmth water and a drop of dish soap. Replace the lid and deliver the bottle a very good shake. Allow the water and soap aggregate sit down for a few minutes, then empty the bottle and rinse it properly.

Now it’s time to easy the straw. Do away with it from the lid and offer it an amazing rinse. If it’s absolutely dirty, you can soak it in a combination of heat water and vinegar for a couple of minutes. Rinse it again and let it air dry.

As soon as the whole lot is dry, reassemble your water bottle and also you’re applicable to head!

1. Cast off the lid and straw

Earlier than you may clean your Contigo water bottle, you want to take away the lid and straw. Counting on the version of your bottle, this could be carried out thru unscrewing the lid or through pulling up on the straw.

As soon as the lid and straw are off, you may start to easy the inner of your bottle. If you’re the usage of a dishwasher, place the lid and straw at the pinnacle rack and set the gadget to wash on a regular cycle. If you’re washing thru hand, use heat soapy water to easy the lid and straw.

In case you’re cleansing your water bottle for the number one time, or if it’s far been some time because you final wiped clean it, you might need to soak the elements in vinegar for a few minutes before washing. This can help to put off any lingering micro organism or residue.

As quickly because the lid and straw are clean, you can put them again for your Contigo water bottle and fill it up with clean water.

2. Rinse the bottle and lid with warmth water

To clean your Contigo water bottle, start through rinsing the bottle and lid with heat water. Then, upload some cleaning soap to the bottle and scrub it with a brush or sponge. Rinse the soap off and dry the bottle with a smooth towel. If your bottle is simply grimy, you could additionally add some vinegar or baking soda to the cleaning soap and water to make a more powerful cleaning answer.

3. Add a drop of dish cleaning soap to the bottle and lid

If your Contigo water bottle has reached the issue wherein it needs an extremely good cleansing, do no longer be anxious – it is easy to do! Certainly study the ones 3 steps and your bottle may be as genuine as new right away.

First, upload a drop of dish cleansing soap to the bottle and lid. Then, fill the bottle with warm water and screw the lid returned on. Shake the bottle vigorously for 30 seconds to make sure that the dish cleaning soap is sent gently.

Eventually, open the lid and empty the contents of the bottle. Rinse the bottle and lid thoroughly with heat water. Make certain to pay extra hobby to the area in which the mouthpiece meets the bottle, as this is in which dirt and dirt are maximum in all likelihood to build up.

In case you follow the ones easy steps, your Contigo water bottle might be glowing smooth proper away!

4. Scrub the bottle and lid with a broom

There are hundreds of motives to like your Contigo water bottle. They’re clean to carry spherical, they keep your liquids heat or cold for hours, and that they’re top-rack dishwasher secure. But once in a while, your bottle may additionally additionally want a bit more TLC—proper here’s the way to clean a Contigo water bottle.

Start by manner of putting off the lid and unscrewing the bottom. If you have the Contigo Autoseal version, moreover take away the black valve. Soak all the elements in warm, soapy water for approximately 20 minutes.

Even as the lid and backside soak, it’s time to wash the bottle. Get a bottle brush and scrub the interior of the bottle with warm, soapy water. Make sure to reach all the manner to the bottom of the bottle. Rinse the bottle out thoroughly.

After the bottle has been scrubbed, it’s time to deal with the lid and backside. Use the bottle brush to wash the lid and bottom. When you have the Autoseal model, make certain to smooth the black valve as properly. Rinse all the components very well.

Now it’s time to dry the whole lot off. Place the lid and backside on a smooth towel and permit them to air dry. If you have the Autoseal version, ensure the black valve is dry earlier than you placed it returned on. As soon as the lid and bottom are dry, screw them again onto the bottle and also you’re suitable to transport!

5. Rinse the bottle and lid with warmth water

It’s far critical to easy your water bottle often to save you bacteria build-up. Here’s the manner to clean a Contigo water bottle in 5 clean steps.

1. Do away with the lid and straw and set them apart.

2. Fill the bottle with heat water and a drop of moderate dish soap.

3. Use a bottle brush to wash the internal of the bottle, then rinse with heat water.

4. Scrub the lid and straw with a broom, then rinse with heat water.

5 Rinse the bottle and lid with warmth water.

You have to wash your water bottle each day if you use it regularly. In case you do not use it each day, you need to nonetheless wash it as a minimum as soon as a week. Cleansing your Contigo water bottle is straightforward and simplest takes a couple of minutes. You may clean it by way of hand with cleansing soap and water, or placed it within the dishwasher. Both manner, you’ll want to make sure you easy your bottle regularly to hold it in pinnacle shape.

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